Parish Expenses

PARISH EXPENSES. Parishioners of St Joseph`s may be interested to know of major expenses coming up. Repairs will be done to the electrical wiring after  the electrical testing produced an unsatisfactory report. The report cost £900, the repairs will cost £1875 + Vat. Also the diocese has given the go-ahead for resurfacing the flagged area round the church at a cost of £15,000. St Joseph`s has £9000 so we will need to borrow the money.If you would like to donate some money towards this cause you could either get in touch with Fr Brown or you could donate via our paypal account which is linked to the Supporting the Parish Page.

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Welcome to St Joseph’s Gateshead. We are a Catholic church in Gateshead and we are the oldest Catholic Church in Gateshead. Our parish has been serving Gateshead since 1859. Our current parish priest is Fr Michael Brown. You will find our mass times on the side of this page. We have three masses on a Sunday 9:00 and 10:30 then at 12:00 we have mass said in the Extraordinary Form. On the first Sunday of each month we have Holy Hour between 3:00pm and 4:00pm. Please feel free to get round our site and ask any questions you may like to ask through our email address.

Confessions after 12.05pm mass on Wednesday. Saturday 12:00 till 12:30pm


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